archive 2005


Love Letters to the Fuhrer

Deron Bauman


Gary Beck

Hamlet, the Misperceived Prince

Wyatt Bonikowski

Wait to Come Unstuck

Daniel Borzutzky

An Arbitrary Tale

Robert Castle

Cellular Sentences

DeLillo's Underworld: The Pointlessness of Things to Come

Kim Chinquee


Four Fictions: Batter, Cook, Game, Eve

Four Fictions: Tenant; Strings; Basic Training; Sunrise


Two Fictions: Rounds, Wig

Lydia Copeland

Tree Houses

Andrew Day


Andy Devine

A Review of Ken Sparling's [A Novel]

A Review of Norman Lock's Notes To 'The Book of Supplemental Diagrams' for Marco Knauff's Universe, Vol. 1: Principle Features

Neal Durando

An Abécédaire Fugitif

The Carbine and the Country

The Wildlife Lecture

Pia Z. Ehrhardt


Sandy Florian


Julian Haladyn

Fragments of a Funeral Procession

Jared Hegwood

A Line of Spiders

Jessica Hoffmann

Behind the Wheel

Tsipi Keller

The Future Cafe

Edward Kim

A Review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Tim Lantz


Frank Lentricchia

From The Book of Ruth

Tao Lin


Norman Lock

Out of the Land of the Snow Men

A Review of Arbitrary Tales by Daniel Borzutzky

A Review of Oxbow Kazoo by John Olson

A Review of Peter Markus's The Singing Fish

A Review of Faruk Ulay's Terra Infirma

Robert Lopez

The Trees Underground

Marc Lowe


Catherine Moran

The New Bull of Meaning: a Review of M Sarki's Zimble Zamble Zumble

Greg Mulcahy





Christopher Mulrooney

A Review of Poems of Sidney Lanier

A Review of Ariel by Sylvia Plath

Ignacio Padilla

Funeral Among the Oyameles

Daniel Pendergrass

Along Turkey's Black Sea Coast

Pedro Ponce

The Museum of Dead Genres

Philip Quinn



Across the Lagoon to the Fugitive Sea

Dawn Raffel

The Woman in Charge of Sensation

Kathryn Rantala

A Review of the film Behind the Lines

The New Used Book

A. E. Reiff

Between the Bath and the Body's End: Socrates Breaks the Decorum of Death

Shelly Rae Rich


Forrest Roth


Noir Noir

Two Fictions: Fait Accompli; Nerve

Shya Scanlon

Has better hair

Pull Slip

Reading "The Woman in Charge of Sensation" by Dawn Raffel

Suzanne Scanlon

The Interviews

Daryl Scroggins

Easter Story

A Few Important Religious Ideas

The Return

Three Fictions: Trouble On the Road; An Opportunity; The Lost Book

Hilarie Shanley

The boy, the tightrope star

Julie Shapiro

The Bath Tub

Rebecca Sharp

For the Love of Sam Lipsyte: a Review of Sam Lipsyte's Home Land

Matthew Simmons

"I am a fork, and I will stick you."

Claudia Smith


Ken Sparling

On Denise Levertov's Introduction to The Very Thing That Happens by Russell Edson

[See also] A Review of Refusing Heaven by Jack Gilbert

Girija Tropp

Three Fictions: A Place to Stop; A Place to Hide; In the Break

Derek White

Two Fictions: The Sperm Count of Lava(r); Hicky Elasticity Calculation

Jonas Williams

Why and How to Make a New Milieu

Angela Woodward

The Human Mind

Mandee Wright

Boxes and Bags

B. Renner

A Rant in Favor of Selected Poems by C.P. Cavafy

A Look at The Hard Hours by Anthony Hecht

Comments on Hermann Hesse/'s Demian

A Review of Micah P. Hinson and the Gospel of Progress by Micah P. Hinson

Worth Looking For: North of Jamaica by Louis Simpson

A Review of The New Directions Anthology of Classical Chinese Poetry, ed. by Eliot Weinberger

Rhyming Words from Green Day's "American Idiot"

A Review (With the Assistance of Ken Sparling) of Refusing Heaven by Jack Gilbert

A Review of The Rest of Love by Carl Phillips

Recommended: Breakfast Served Any Time All Day by Donald Hall

A Review of Eliot Weinberger's What Happened Here: Bush Chronicles

Michael Aird

Surf Texas

Brian Beatty

Adult Education

Little Things That Matter

Two Poems: Chou Fleur; My Book Idea

Two Poems: Comedy of Terrors; Flea Market

Two Poems: Oh, Death; Procrastination

Two Poems: We Are Not Fit; Everybody's a Comedian

Two Poems: The Quarterly; Police State

Aaron Belz

Alexander Pope

Rachel Bennett

Interlude Number One

Matt Betts

Every Pause Is Brief

CL Bledsoe

The Baby

Brianne Bolin

The Existentialists

The Recruit

Harold Bowes

Eleven White Boats Moored on the Black Sea

In the Dark

There's a Seam

Helen Buckingham

Two Haiku

Eric Burke

P. S.

Gregory K. Cole

Tres poemas: [es la manera. . .]; [la ojalá]; [algo me contesta]

Jon Cone



John Skelton Among Barbarians


Seven Poems: Archilochos of Johnson County, Numbers, Nestor at the Siege of Troy, Open 24-7, Album of Family Secrets, Heals, Copenhagen


Rosemarie Crisafi

Five Poems: God of Thunder; Regards; Knowing; Regrets; Cathedral Tunes

Simon DeDeo

Chicago, December 3rd

Christina Delia

Whipped Well

Susan Denning


Jeff Encke

Five Poems: Central Intelligence Agency (Carpodacus purpureus); Nuclear Regulating Commission (Carduelis tristis); Office of Indian Education (Leucosticte atrata); Office of Lead Hazard Control (Taeniopygia guttata); Office of Insular Affairs (Carduelis lawrencei)

Michael Estabrook

life's a junkyard

Lisa A. Flowers

Flypaper from Heaven

Jim Goar

The Elephant

Michelle Greenblatt

Two Poems: Mostly What She Holds; poem]

Two Ghazals: Reflections on the Self as Messenger; Reflections on Being Hungry

Julian Haladyn

Convenient Lessons in Honor

Kate Hall

Dying Instructions

Jo Neace Krause

Trotsky Had an Easy Death

Ryan Laks

[an apology of sorts,]

Tim Lantz

Sub Rosa

David Laskowski

Two Poems: What Else!; Adulterate Beast

Tao Lin

I Will Like the Things That I Dislike, Hate, or Am Indifferent Towards

Alek Lindus

Four Poems: Oracle; Sahara mnemonic; "He paints"; The Pass

Four Poems: Alexander; Bad Intentions; The Gate of Horn; Dead in a Room with Clouds

Six Poems: Tea Baron; Shaitans; Acropolis; Reminiscence; Propitious east calamitous west; Anomie

Three Poems: Empire; Women; Relics

Rebecca Loudon

Nocturne for Doug Longman

Scott Malby

Bush Speak

Corey Mesler

Times Roman Twelve

Catherine Moran

Three Poems: Enoki; Fall; Poem for Shoes

Two Poems: Ganz; Apples

Ashok Niyogi


Nathan Parker



Daniel Pinkerton

Three Poems: San Diego; Salisbury Cathedral; The Party

Philip Quinn

How she holds things together

Mucking About

Kathryn Rantala

Among the Hills

And, etc.

Coming Back

For Helmi at 87


The Two-Railed Train

Francis Raven

Leaf Treatise


Utilitarian Media Estimations

M Sarki

Assisting Our New Stenographer

Hugh Steinberg


Mark Yakich

Bow Job

Fanfare for a Lamb

Military Courtesan

A Source of Style

Three Poems: At Seventy After the Stroke; My Ndugu; Aisle of Auschwitz

Two Poems: Lonely Tylenol; Circumspice

Joseph Young

Where Is She?